Golgotha coat of arms

Golgotha means “place of the skull” or simply “skull”.

This is a little knoll, rounded on the top like the upper part of the cranium, with a skull-like appearance in the precipice. An out cropping of natural rock formations lay at the base containing tombs and adjacent gardens.

Located outside a city gate, thoroughfare between the city and the countryside, this hill served as the public execution site and warning of the probable fate of anyone who challenged authority. The method of execution – crucifixion.

Only one from countless souls will be forever remembered. Laying down his life for our pursuit of happiness and freedom to live our life according to our free will.

For this reason, it is our honor to name this collection after Him.

Lolan T. Royal

Golgotha is our flagship line… the heart of Lolan T

Our American identity, a mélange of spirited and inspirational, rebellious and self-definition, our love of the open road, wind against our face, the heartbeat of rock n roll. A sentiment that echoes authenticity, of the freedom we value so highly and an honor to live in the greatest country in the world. It all started ten years ago…

We embarked on a private mission, to design a line catering to the American motorcycle market. This idea was exciting for many reasons; we owned Harleys, loved the camaraderie, the kindred spirit of an American Bad-Ass. Our goal was to create a cool “rough around the edge” classy look versus the dark sinister look that defines the market.

The concept grew with collaboration and the fusing of artistic ideas.
The first attempt was comical. Humor is good.

Our second attempt. Humorless. A silence hung in the room as every curve, edge, subtle details of the drawings were examined. It was better than good.
It was “bad-ass”. Cool. A class of its own.
So we began transforming the ideas into 3-dimensional solids, refining, tweaking, editing, until the final look was achieved.

Then life hit… one of our own got sick. As quietly as it began, everything was boxed and place on a shelf.
That was then. This is now. That box is off the shelf, dust-free, and empty.

Things happen for a reason. What was once considered only suitable for a hellish bunch of riders has transcended into mainstream culture.
Skulls are here to stay. This is good… better than good.

Golgotha is our sign of hope and freedom. We will share.