We found our niche long ago. It was never a long shot.

We live in the Wild West frontier, a people who in our field create energies in other fields. Raise eyebrows? We do it all the time. We create out of an instinct for the way things should be done; not disposable, not seasonal, not ubiquitous.

Our “super sophisticated” secret weapon – the sands of time.

Every project starts the same way. Building relationships. It’s really about you. A person who has no interest in being a clone, who visions a piece like no other, for an individual like no other.

From intricate to classic, we always keep the end game in mind. Engineering mechanics with old world techniques, imagination balanced with creativity, the key skills meld art and detail. The statement you want to make, we work with you to make it.

Creating custom is our life time career… no mystifying process. It’s our crave. Easy.

All you have to do is contact us and we will take it from there. We listen to what you want, approach designing according to your desires, work the details, procure materials and options, and with your approval production begins. Questions? Ask us. Simple.

Inspired by you. Designed by us. A perfect relationship.

Lolan T. Royal


It’s not just what we do… it defines who we are.

Our world of marvels

8am Monday… Dreams, ideas, sketches, wax carvings, CAD/CAM, models, printing, assay calculations, troy ounce, gram, DWT, scales, lost wax, apron, plaster slurry cake batter, mixer, investment, burn-out cycle, sprues, trees right-side up upside down, flasks, bell jars, negative atmosphere, air bubbles, de-bubblizing, curing, incinerator oven, temperature cycles , window, impressions, intricate cavity, cradle, swing arm, centrifugal force, inertia, throw, hollow cavity, crucible, safety glasses, fire gloves, propane, ignite, torch, 3224, 2831, 1730, 1700, 1825, 1615, 1640, induction, solid melt, molten, workhorse metals, 950, 750, 585, 925, liquid metals, cocked position, suspended upside down, release, slung, high velocity, fill, spins to rest, vacuum, funnel, karats, alloys, grains, chunks, glowing red, burnt orange, ash grey, tongs, quench, steam, cool, destroy form, chip, pressure wash, dried, hot tub, acid wash, pickle, borax, steam rinse, sprue cutters, flush cutters, magnetic tumbler, stainless steel needles, polish, fabrication, die struck, rolling mill, stretcher and reducer, beauty shop, blue tooth, bose, rock, heavy metal, motown, blues, rap, sometimes jazz, bench, compressors, burs, punch, disks, rivets, rubber wheels, lap wheels, drill, drill press, drill vise, hand chuck, ball vise, positional ball vise, clamp, wing nut hand vise, horn anvil, mushroom anvil, lube it, sharpening stone, dressing stone, scissors straight blade, metal snips curved, bench knives, curved blade, parallel action pliers, flat-nose pliers, bending pliers, lap joint pliers, round body probe, WHAT…that sounds kind of naughty, revolving punch pliers, thumb screw, sugar pins, beeswax, files, sanding sticks, sanding rolls, LED arm bench light, bench duster, microscopes, tweezers, gauges, magnifiers, cross locking reverse action tweezers, blade saw, frames, hammers, mallets, screwdrivers, mandrels, beading tools, milgrain tools, freed, solder iron, laser welder, soft torch, oxygen tank, work-hardened flexing, stress, flux, brushes, sieves, sorting trays, shovels, scales, VVS, VS, SI, melee, precious, semi, inlay, burnished, prong, claw, channel, gypsy, bead, pave, micro, tension, bright-cut, graver, sand-blast, brush, rolex, hammered, texture, matte, high polish, finger guards, head phones, polish lathe, tapered spindle, lapper, abrasives, compounds, buffing bar, wheels and rods, sticks and belts, flap brushes, tripoli, rouge, vibrator soak, straight coated steam tweezers, steam dry, our version of a manicure… soft soap body wash, hand and fingernail scrub brush, nail polish favorites: black, deep purple, neon green, lotion, electroplater, rhodium dip, champlevé, patina, antiquing, cool down, loupe, stamp, hallmark, bag it, wrap, box, label, deliver our passions for beauty.
4pm Friday… Happy Hour with shots.

This is our kind of dirty talk.


Click on each stage below to take a look behind closed doors and view our production process.

Commission Pieces

Somewhere In The Rainbow Collection
Spectrum 2017
14k Rose Gold
18.73ct. Emerald Cut Limegreen Tourmaline
0.68cts.tw Baguette, Trilliant, Trapezoid Pink Sapphires
Inspiration: Fortress of Solitude
Designed to be worn vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or any angle in between depending on the neckline, shoulder area, or décolletage. Paired with a multi-strand black leather necklace, this piece has the power to influence the mood and style of the wearer. Stunner.

Somewhere In The Rainbow Collection
Spectrum 2017
14k White Gold
15.47ct. Cushion Blue Spinel
2.18cts.tw Baguette, Round Brilliant Diamonds
0.29cts.tw Emeralds, Pink/Orange Sapphires
Inspiration: Perfect storm

Somewhere In The Rainbow Collection
Spectrum 2017
14k White Gold
10.80ct. Emerald Cut Bicolored Green Tourmaline
4.56cts.tw Round Brilliant Diamonds
Australian Opal Inlay
Inspiration: Retro

Somewhere In The Rainbow Collection
18k Yellow/White Gold
6.94cts.tw Trilliant Spessartite Garnets
3.74cts.tw Oval Spessartite Garnets
2.50cts.tw Round Brilliant Diamonds
Inspiration: Deco
Currently under exhibit: “A Modern Gem and Jewelry Collection”
Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium
University of Arizona, Tucson

Somewhere In The Rainbow Collection
18k Yellow/White Gold
13.57ct. Emerald Cut Tsavorite Garnet (Komolo)
4.27cts.tw Baguette, Round Brilliant Diamonds

Somewhere In The Rainbow Collection
14k Yellow/White Gold
28.71cts.tw Princess Step Cut Golden Beryls
27.53cts.tw Pear Tanzanites
2.86cts.tw Round Brilliant Diamonds

Somewhere In The Rainbow Collection
Designer: Shelly Sergent
14k White Gold
55.15cts.tw Natural Pear Shape Aquamarines
8.95cts.tw Round Brilliant Diamonds

Somewhere In The Rainbow Collection
18k White Gold
3.12ct. Emerald Cut Alexandrite (Brazil)
1.38cts.tw Trilliant Alexandrites (Brazil)
2.42cts.tw Round Brilliant Diamonds

Somewhere In The Rainbow Collection
14k White Gold
3.72cts.tw Pear Shape Color Change Garnets
3.90cts.tw Princess Cut Color Change Garnets
0.96cts.tw Baguette Smokey Topaz
2.78cts.tw Baguette, Round Brilliant Diamonds

2.25cts.tw Round Brilliant Diamonds
Inspiration: Love

Spectrum 2002
18k White Gold
4.45ct. Oval Blue Zircon
0.72cts.tw Round Brilliant Blue Diamonds
3.34cts.tw Oval, Round, Pear Rainbow Moonstones
0.78cts.tw Round Brilliant Fancy Yellow Diamonds
Inspiration: OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center Exhibit
A hand written note accompanied the return of Spectrum contestant No. 111. It read:

“Although it was knocked out in the early elimination rounds, your piece sparked a discussion by the judges later in the competition – as they considered and debated the relative merits of each of the 505 entries. (It certainly caught there attention).”

Of course it did. Two completely different looks: Simple elegance or funky.

What sparked the debate? My guess…the brilliance of one gemstone radiated through another. Radical.

Spectrum 2001
20k Yellow Gold
17.0ct. Emerald Cut Blue Tourmaline
14.50cts.tw Rectangle Scissor Cut Green Tourmalines
0.58cts.tw Round Brilliant, Pear Blue Diamonds
Inspiration: Streetwise gypsy

Spectrum 2001
14k White Gold/ 18k Yellow Gold
9.50ct. Square Cushion Green Tourmaline
2.70cts.tw Oval, Trilliant Rhodolite Garnets
1.34cts.tw Pear, Trilliant Tanzanites
Inspiration: Ancient Greece

Spectrum 1999
14k Yellow Gold
1.90ct. Trilliant Pink Tourmaline
0.60ct. Marquise London Blue Topaz
0.71ct. Oval Golden Citrine
1.52ct. Cushion Checkerboard Amethyst
0.65ct. Pear Amethyst
0.68ct. Oval Pink Tourmaline
0.77cts.tw Princess Cut Spessartite Garnets
0.53ct. Round Apatite
0.52ct. Trilliant Green Tourmaline
1.10ct. Oval Green Tourmaline
1.17ct. Radiant Rhodolite Garnet
1.00ct. Oval Tanzanite
1.30ct. Emerald Cut Golden Citrine
1.57ct. Emerald Cut Checkerboard Amethyst
Inspiration: Dead man walking

14k White Gold
8.90cts.tw Sapphires
0.60cts.tw Diamonds
1.34cts.tw Pear, Trilliant Tanzanites
Medley of shapes: Emerald Cut, Oval, Princess, Round Brilliant

14k White Gold
2.30ct. Rectangle Cushion Green Tourmaline
0.75cts.tw Round Brilliant Diamonds

14k Rose Gold
3.00ct. Cushion Diamond (Shown Cushion Hand-Cut Faceted Fancy Yellow Cubic Zirconia)
0.90cts.tw Round Brilliant Diamonds

14k White Gold
4.51cts.tw Round Brilliant Diamonds
1.10cts.tw Round Blue Sapphires
1.00cts.tw Round Yellow Sapphires
0.50cts.tw Rounds Pink Sapphire Shades
0.50cts.tw Round Tsavorites
Masquerade as adornment… powered by diamonds and sapphires… our kind of transformer. Adjustable necklace to dangle earrings.