An original drawing hangs in my office, Shark in Shades.
This is my daily reminder to “expect the unexpected” by keeping track of the vision within me and before me.

Timelessness of attitude, fragments of layered history, perceptions, intolerance … much of our world consists of selfish gains and inflicted suffering, with some compassion sprinkled around for relief. For liberation? For guilt?

And this must be changed.

Change requires transforming human attitudes.
We must create a global atmosphere of cooperation and unselfishness and never lose sight of the basic humanity that binds us together as a whole.
Regardless of creed. Regardless of color. Regardless of sex. Regardless of nationality.
Our actions and our walk equates to change.

Whether you believe in God, religion, or hold no specific belief, not one of us does not appreciate love and compassion.
Everyone wants to be someone.
So be someone. Stake that claim. Live a life where love triumphs over hate. Be there for those who struggle.
There is nothing to lose. Everything to gain. For all of us.

With love, we can halt our past.
With love, we can ransom our present.
With love, we can storm our future.

Lolan T. Royal